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outsourcing your IT

Outsourcing your IT

Why outsource your IT?  As a Small – Medium Business (SMB), the question of outsourcing your Information Technology (IT) may have frequently crossed your mind, especially with the surging security breaches that the media outlets seem to broadcast weekly.  Whether your business does not already have a dedicated IT Department or if you are seeking complementary services to your already established IT infrastructure, outsourcing your IT technology can provide tremendous benefits to your business.  Using the 3 R’s (Reasons, Risks & Rewards) can provide a base to examine if outsourcing your IT may be beneficial and effective for your business.     


REASONS to outsource your Managed IT Services

  • Outsourcing is Budget Friendly – Cost Effective – Reduce & Control Operating Costs.
  • Would your business like to improve your and Your Employees’ Focus and Resources?
  • Would your business like to Reduce Labor Costs?  
  • Is your business finding it difficult to keep up to date with Routine Maintenance on Workstations and Servers?
  • Is your business finding it difficult to start or manage IT Projects?
  • Make capital available for other means in your business.
  • Reduce Security Risks.


RISKS involved with outsourcing Managed IT Services

Any time you hand over responsibilities for any aspect of your business you are inviting risk. Whether hiring a staff member or outsourced service, you may have lingering hesitations, such as, What are they supposed to do? Or Will they fit in with the company culture? Or Did I hire the right person?  


Some other risks that you may consider when outsourcing your Managed IT Services:


  • Loss of Control – Oversight
  • Confidentiality of DATA – entrusting someone to your company’s intimate practices may seem like a risk, but an Outsourced IT Service provider can also help protect your DATA from ending up in the wrong hands
  • Disaster Recovery – much like confidentiality, an Outsourced IT Service provider can mitigate and help to make a plan for Disaster Recovery
  • Some IT functions are not easily converted
  • Employee Morale
  • Your business may get locked into a contract


REWARDS of outsourcing your Managed IT Services

  • Acquire a Valuable Partner –  a committed Expert of Outsourced Managed IT that provides professional, objective and best practice advice along with keeping up with the most current technology trends.
  • Add to your In-House capabilities.
  • Little to no Human Resource (HR) Investment.  Hiring an employee hosts a staple of expenses from the hiring process, background checks and supplying a space to work to account for benefits, vacation, sick days, worker’s compensation, continued training, employee performance reviews, human resources, and of course, employee turnover.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Flexible to your Company’s changes in size, volume, and strategy.
  • Security – Keeping your Systems updated, leveraging Virus protection and proactively monitoring.
  • Predictable Monthly Budget.
  • Prevent Burnout of Yourself and Employees.


BONUS – Tips to Working with your Outsourced Managed IT

  • Clearly formulate and communicate goals and objectives of the business relationship
  • Have a Strategic Vision
  • Keep Open Communication


Managed IT Outsourcing companies have a lot of experience with different types of businesses and thus – a better understanding of a client’s expectations. This is the main reason why outsourced companies are able to be flexible with your requests and visions. They can even propose new ideas that can change your perspectives. Outsourcing companies see your existing infrastructure from a different vantage point and can customize a solution for your individual business needs.  


About Herstek & Associates, LLC

Herstek & Associates, LLC is a professional outsourced computer service company serving small to medium businesses in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA). Our specialties are network planning (network consulting), network projects, and ongoing network/computer maintenance. We pride ourselves in not only delivering the results you expect but also being knowledgeable, systematic, accountable, trustworthy and easy to work with. To speak with a Support Advisor about the the computer support provided by Herstek & Associates, LLC please call us at (570)779-4018 or contact us.

Ready to start moving your business to the cloud?

What does that even mean? Well, the reason you might not know is that the cloud is a term used to cover a great many things. It generally means using the Internet to host your infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) or software as a service (SaaS). If you are a small business you would probably be more interested in SaaS and IaaS.  Especially, if you already have a client-server configuration in place.

An example of SaaS would be Office 365, Google Docs or QuickBooks online. An example of IaaS would be hosting one of your production servers at a service provider such as AWS or Azure. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just move your file server out into the cloud.  For cloud services to be cost effective you really have to change your philosophy and focus on user centric usage instead of server centric usage. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your file server. There are some private cloud solutions that mix the best of both worlds.

Are you ready for the cloud?

There are some things to take into consideration before you even think about moving into the cloud.

  • Do you have reliable high-speed access at your location? Even if you think you do, we may need to run a few tests to make sure. You may also need a backup internet connection if you plan to rely mostly on cloud services. What happens when the internet is down?
  • Is your network and endpoint security adequate? You need to take steps to make sure your business location is secure before moving your data anywhere else. If you do move information to a cloud service, you must take extra steps to make sure it is secure since it is now on the internet.
  • Are your users ready? Sometimes this can be a stumbling block because using cloud services is different than the client-server structure that people have been using for many years. Cloud services can be very user-centric.
  • Is your wireless network ready?  Extra devices on the wireless may require increasing your coverage and network. You should also take steps to provide secure and controlled internet to your employees and possibly your customers.

Do you need to move to the cloud?

  • Do you want to have access to your documents, data and applications outside the office?
  • Do you need access to your files on different devices (PC, Phone, Laptop) ?
  • Do you want to easily share files with other people outside your business?

If they answer is yes to any of these, it is time to start planning.

Contact us and we can set up an appointment to review your current configuration and help you determine a path for your business.