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Professional Businesses Deserve Professional Setup

Watching a business grow is as satisfying as it is rewarding. Whether opening a new office, starting a new department, or bringing in a new employee; it’s a positive step in the right direction. Upward growth often requires new office tech and IT changes to bring new staff fully online.

At a minimum, a new computer will be needed for employees to get started quickly and hit the ground running. New staff or an entire department may require a server, printer, or additional networking hardware to cope with extra demand.

A tech smart business should give careful consideration to how it sources and sets up its hardware and software. It can be tempting to pick a simple solution off the shelf from the nearest retailer.

Modern manufacturers often make it easy to get set up with a new device straight out the box. Using default settings and a simple setup means a laptop or tablet can be just plugged in and it’s ready to go, right?

Unfortunately, setting up technology to create safe, secure, and reliable business services requires a little more detail.

Setting Up Tech For Business

The hardware you have is at least as important as the hardware you buy. It’s important to ensure new tech on the network is compatible with your existing business systems. Adding the wrong solutions to accommodate new employees can slow down the system for everyone.

Many firms talk themselves into buying the most expensive, or heavily marketed system on the market. Buyers often feel confident that the high price tag and slick design means it’s guaranteed to work with anything you put to it. We wish that were always the case.

Without an eye for fine detail and good IT knowledge, combining certain solutions can cause a significant network slowdown or even fail to work together at all.

Consistency Is Key

It can seem easy, and tempting, to buy technology based on offers and deals around at the time you need it. Some companies do this to save money short term, building their systems using a mixture of hardware from various vendors and manufacturers. When thinking long term, this approach might not get you the great deal that you think.

Mixing suppliers alone can make it difficult to track where components came from in the coming months and years. Warranties, service agreements, and support can become hard to track down when parts fail and hardware dies. Money spent securing your business against failure is completely wasted if you can’t find the right paperwork at the right time.

Sourcing replacement parts and supported peripherals can be made more difficult when components are mixed too.

Planning ahead and purchasing identical hardware can make swapping components fast and straightforward. When systems are consistent, both parts and knowledge can be shared throughout the entire business. A smart decision today can eliminate costs, time, and headaches further down the road.

Unexpected issues appearing at the last minute can have large consequences on workload and deadlines. Sharing everything from chargers to memory can help to reduce and mitigate IT risks. Consistent hardware, swappable components, and even considering a supply of spares can take care of many potential headaches.

Smooth Onboarding

In business, first impressions are critically important. Whether setting up a new office or getting an employee ready to start, a professional attitude goes a long way. Good IT that’s ready to work sets a professional tone to carry your business forward.

IT that supports and enhances operations is infinitely better than IT that gets in the way. Using consistent and well-known solutions in the right way avoids wasting time, maintains performance, and reduces costs where it matters.

Our goal is to ensure your hardware meets your business needs. A professional setup ensures your IT is consistently improved while you watch your business flourish and grow.

Give us a call at 570-779-4018 for a professional setup to make sure nothing stands in the way of growing your business.

Tired of your computer support company?

  • Are you sick and tired of your computer support company?
  • Are you just not compatible with them anymore?
  • Do you feel like they patronize you?
  • Are you looking for more personalized service?
  • Don’t want to see ten different people that never fix your problem?

It isn’t as hard to switch companies as you think. Most equipment can be reset and reconfigured with minimal effort. Ordinarily, someone already has administrative rights to the servers and devices are generally easy to reset. We don’t have to rip and replace all the software and equipment. Most of the time we can support what you already have, and we can usually save you money.

Have you been doing it yourself and are afraid to bring a company in to take over? Don’t worry we don’t judge. We will help you in any capacity you need. We will suggest best practices, but we understand budget and time constraints.

We do not patronize. We understand how hard it is to run a small business. We are happy to work with people that have different technology levels. Though, if you want to help, we charge double (kidding!). Let us do what we are good at so you can do what you are good at!

We are a small family business. We would like to keep it that way. We provide professional consulting and service to our customers. Because we are small, we can be more flexible and cost effective than the larger companies. Don’t let our size fool you into to thinking that we don’t have the experience. We have been doing this for a long time and love to learn new products and take on new challenges.

Contact us for a free 1-hour consultation and see if we fit your small business!


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If you are still running Windows XP on your business PC, it is time to upgrade!

I just read an article that says there are still 181 million US-based PC running Windows XP. I have to think some of these PCs are in good old Wilkes-Barre, PA. Why do I think that? Becuase here in NEPA we seem to like to wring out every last penny.

I don’t understand. I suppose that I can see the reasons from a cost saving perspective. From a technology and security perspective, it does not make any sense. What software are they using on these old PCs? Don’t they have issues running websites? Are they using just using old software and hardware? What if the printer breaks. There are no new printers that will work with windows 98.

I have said it before, if you get a new desktop computer, you will be wondering why you spend all that time on that little tablet. I can’t imagine a PC from 2001 is anywhere close to fast. Even if you only have 5mbps internet line (slow for today), the PC will be the bottleneck.

And forget about the security.  Not only have there be no security updates in 2 years, and your antivirus is also expired and probably two years old at best. Even firefox and chrome are dropping support. What tools will you use to clean your PC if you get a virus? Most are no longer supporting XP.

I shudder to imagine the router and networking equipment that is being used.

You are right. Windows XP was a great operating system. Was. You have to let go. It is time to upgrade!

Windows XP upgrade
A decommissioned Windows XP unit.