Spring in NEPA

Spring is finally here! Spring is my favorite time of the year! The glorious sun has returned! I mean I know that officially spring has been here for a few weeks but it has not felt like spring until this weekend. I keep waiting for that long, harsh winter to come back and slap us …

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Happy New Year!!

I know we are a little behind wishing happy new year but it always gets very busy around here this time of year…. So happy new year!  We would love to help you with your business IT needs.  Let us now how we can help!  

DarkHotel – Think that Hotel Wi-Fi is Safe?

According to an article via abcnews: How Cyber Crime Gang Targets Travelling Executives Through Hotel Wi-Fi,for the past four (4) years, a group of cyber criminals have been hacking into business executives systems in methodical patterns across the Asia-Pacific region, never targeting the same person twice. Dubbed DarkHotel via officials, the information is procured via the intended …

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Windows 10 Preview

I downloaded the new Windows 10 preview and took a peak.  The file copy and task manger are still there.  The start menu feels nice.  It it a little different then the windows 7 menu.  There is a mini version of metro (looks more like a windows phone screen) on the start menu.  I didn’t …

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Outgrowing Your Accounting Software?

Is your Accounting Software Lacking Security, Slow to React, has Limited Detail Information, or is More Frustrating then Helpful? You may be outgrowing your Accounting Software! Whether a start-up or a small business, an organization or a mid-large size corporation, accounting software is an essential and crucial mainframe to a fully functional system.  As such, evaluating your business’s …

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