Windows 10 Preview

I downloaded the new Windows 10 preview and took a peak.  The file copy and task manger are still there.  The start menu feels nice.  It it a little different then the windows 7 menu.  There is a mini version of metro (looks more like a windows phone screen) on the start menu.  I didn’t …

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Outgrowing Your Accounting Software?

Is your Accounting Software Lacking Security, Slow to React, has Limited Detail Information, or is More Frustrating then Helpful? You may be outgrowing your Accounting Software! Whether a start-up or a small business, an organization or a mid-large size corporation, accounting software is an essential and crucial mainframe to a fully functional system.  As such, evaluating your business’s …

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Windows XP support has expired!

Windows XP support has expired! You can still use windows XP but Microsoft is no longer supporting it.  This means no new security updates.  No drivers for new equipment.  Windows 7 is very stable and is still available.  Let us know if you need help upgrading.