9 Reasons Why Law Firms Need a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

For an attorney or legal service provider – time is always of the essence.  And, If you are operating an old IT infrastructure, you won’t be able to keep up with the demands of the necessary security or space needed to store the data you utilize for your clients. 

If you are on the fence about hiring an MSP, you’re not alone; it’s a big decision for any law firm to make.

🏃‍♂️You’re already running the software and using the hardware your practice needs.

🚫 You have never experienced a breach.

🧑🏻‍💻 And, you don’t need a managed service provider to help you keep all your tech tied together.


But – To be honest, the last thing a Law Firm needs is for essential tech to go awry at the wrong time (which is all the time).  Especially, when you don’t have a dedicated IT Team!

If a firm takes a break-fix approach to its technology needs, the answer will be to call in an expert.

And, what does that mean for your firm? 

📞 Hours on the phone with an IT helpline or being on hold (forever);

🤷‍♂️ Dealing with multiple service providers (who blame each other) to track down the problem; or 

📅 Maybe, finally reaching someone only to get on their schedule (which may be hours or even days away).

Deadlines are looming, and you’re spending your time on IT troubles? That’s quite the recipe for disaster.  

A more proactive approach is to outsource IT help to an MSP instead. Rather than waste your valuable time trying to solve the problem yourself, turn to a professional, so your law firm can get back to doing what it does best.  

What Can a Managed Services Provider Do for Your Law Firm?

❓ Managed Services Providers take all the guesswork out of maintaining your network

This way, your law firm can focus on what matters: Practicing Law.

🤝🏽 Get to know your business and technology infrastructure

An experienced MSP will perform a thorough Technology Due Diligence and ensure the proper security measures are in place.

🛡️ Provide Enhanced Security and Regulatory Compliance

From being subject to PCI DSS when processing a payment or HIPAA when reviewing medical records, there are plenty of regulations to keep up with. Not to mention, a failure to comply can cause headaches, like reputation damage, loss of productivity and some substantial fines.

💰 Reduce cost from a break-fix mentality

Aside from a more predictable IT budget, an MSP can provide guidance regarding compliance, security and finding the right tech equipment for your firm.

🤓 Identify Opportunities to Improve Productivity

Do you find yourself spending too much of your time on non-billable items? With the help of an MSP many processes can be streamlined, getting you back to practicing law.

👀 Proactive behind-the-scenes IT monitoring to Detect and Eliminate Issues (before they even become issues)

Unfortunately, IT problems don’t only happen from 9-5. You never know when you are going to need IT help.

♾️ Provide Scalability and Manage Technical Growth

As your firm expands, your technology needs to grow as well. The right MSP can provide you the guidance you need to fully utilize techs potential.

💲 Reduce operational costs and Boost your bottom line

By providing highly specialized skill sets MSPs can leverage the latest innovations, while reducing the need to hire, onboard and train staff.

🥇 And, most importantly, You are a Priority. 

So when you need help, true technical experts are readily available (and many solutions can be handled remotely).

And, If you happen to have an internal IT department, not a problem!  An experienced MSP can work with your current IT team as part of a Co-Managed Service Solution. 

Whether your legal firm needs to focus more on cybersecurity or document storage, an MSP like ours can help. At Herstek & Associates, our team helps legal firms plan for the future, so they can provide a client-centered focus, and stay protected from ever looming digital threats.