3 Reasons Why Data Backups are so Important

Backups are a critical aspect to protect your Business Data.  And while, losing data at home is bad enough, as you may lose some banking statements, perhaps a few receipts or maybe even a sentimental memory or two.  But, lose data from your business computer and you may be losing your image, reputation, and not to mention, possibly thousands of dollars or more.

Why are Data Backups So Important to Your Organization:

Invincible Hardware doesn’t Exist

Just like our homes, the parts in your computer are susceptible to damage, wear and tear.  Even those expensive hard drives wear out eventually- and if you’re really unlucky, your data may be lost forever.

It only takes a spilled drink to put your organization’s data at risk.  And as a business owner, you can’t let that happen.  Fortunately, there are plenty of backup solutions to give you peace of mind.

Cyber Security Threats

Everyone knows how dangerous cyber threats can be, but did you realize how prevalent they have become and how they are constantly evolving?

That’s why data backup solutions are imperative to protect your company’s sensitive information.

Reduce Downtime

Any IT downtime is a bad time.  If something goes wrong, time is of the essence, and that’s where data backup can shine.

By having a data backup you can reduce downtime to a minimum, and stop wasting time trying to find data when you need it the most.

How Herstek & Associates Can Help

At Herstek & Associates, you can trust our comprehensive toolset to thoroughly protect your sensitive data quickly, proactively and cost efficiently.

Although Data storage may never be perfect, there are solutions available to mitigate risks and provide security. And, with a multitude of solutions to fit your business IT infrastructure needs, we can help ensure your data is safe and recoverable.

We can also work with your business to reinforce your IT infrastructure to help you backup and store your data effectively.  So no matter what happens, from normal wear and tear to natural disasters to theft, your business won’t have to experience lengthy downtimes thanks to a secured data backup solution. Contact us today!