If you are still running Windows XP on your business PC, it is time to upgrade!

I just read an article that says there are still 181 million US-based PC running Windows XP. I have to think some of these PCs are in good old Wilkes-Barre, PA. Why do I think that? Becuase here in NEPA we seem to like to wring out every last penny.

I don’t understand. I suppose that I can see the reasons from a cost saving perspective. From a technology and security perspective, it does not make any sense. What software are they using on these old PCs? Don’t they have issues running websites? Are they using just using old software and hardware? What if the printer breaks. There are no new printers that will work with windows 98.

I have said it before, if you get a new desktop computer, you will be wondering why you spend all that time on that little tablet. I can’t imagine a PC from 2001 is anywhere close to fast. Even if you only have 5mbps internet line (slow for today), the PC will be the bottleneck.

And forget about the security.  Not only have there be no security updates in 2 years, and your antivirus is also expired and probably two years old at best. Even firefox and chrome are dropping support. What tools will you use to clean your PC if you get a virus? Most are no longer supporting XP.

I shudder to imagine the router and networking equipment that is being used.

You are right. Windows XP was a great operating system. Was. You have to let go. It is time to upgrade!

Windows XP upgrade
A decommissioned Windows XP unit.